Méthode pour la colle (resumé) : 5 simple questions to ask yourself

Les épreuves orales d’anglais : the summary five simple questions to ask yourself

The summary (or “résumé synthétique”) of the colle can sometimes seem unimportant as it is worth fewer marks. However, it is the foundation of your whole colle: if you don’t get the summary right, nothing else will be right. So what should you do to make sure your summary is effective?

You need to answer five simple questions:

  1. What type of text have I been given?

Some texts contain an opinion, but other texts simply report the news and contain no opinion. This second type is more common in the concours, especially in HEC (but the videos in Polytechnique are also similar to this type of text in that they often contain no opinion). This type of text is also more difficult for you as the meaning is implicit, so you need to learn to read between the lines. The type of text also impacts on the language that you use: you can’t say “the journalist argues”, for example, if you have the second type of text. Because this type of text is more common, points 2-5 below refer to these texts. Don’t try to follow these steps with opinion texts!


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